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Wildfire in Maine's Wildland Urban Interface

Dept of Conservation

Loaded April 03, 2009

Duration 00:12:41.19

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An area of recent concern is the increasing amount of Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) throughout the state of Maine. WUI is defined as the area where h


Leave your Firewood at Home

Dept of Conservation

Loaded June 19, 2009

Duration 00:00:31.46

Viewed 4456 times

Invasive insects and diseases that threaten Maine’s forests can move in firewood. Leave your firewood at home.


Year Round Recreation at Maine State Parks

Dept of Conservation

Loaded August 12, 2009

Duration 00:02:34.28

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Welcome to Maine State Parks with introduction by Commissioner Patrick McGowan.


Maine Forest Rangers - Protecting Maine for over 100 years

Dept of Conservation

Loaded August 13, 2009

Duration 00:07:01.76

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Maine's Forest Rangers provide leadership in the protection of life, property and natural resources through wildfire control, natural resource law enf


Wildfire in Maine's Wildland Urban Interface: Defensible Space

Dept of Conservation

Loaded March 11, 2011

Duration 00:21:43.33

Viewed 3069 times

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